Soonder - The application that keeps contact details of your contacts up to date

The next generation business card

Your business cards always up to date
and always with you !


Your contacts are always up-to-date (phone, email, address…).


No more lost business cards, always reach the people you want to.


All your contacts are secure and encrypted.



  • 1Create your own business or personal card
  • 2Update your business or personal Soonder card
  • 3Send your card by email, sms or QRcode.
  • 4Receive Soonder business cards from your contacts
  • 5Access your contacts in your Soonder contacts list
  • 6Directly phone, email or text your contacts
  • 7Share business cards from your Soonder contacts
  • 8Add personal notes on received cards
  • 9Check your Soonder contacts list history

The most reliable link between your contacts and yourself


Stay focussed on your work. Soonder does the rest.


Do not waste time searching for business cards. All your contacts are saved in one place.


Follow real-time changes made by your contacts.

Why do users recommend Soonder ?

<span>Peter, </span>a foreseeing entrepreneur

Peter, a foreseeing entrepreneur

When we moved our offices, I simply updated my business card in Soonder so that my professional network would be able to keep in touch.

<span>Alexandra, </span>a dynamic salesperson

Alexandra, a dynamic salesperson

With Soonder I no longer waste my time looking for my clients' numbers. Every contact is saved, up to date and organised. It's such a time-saver.

<span>Steven, </span>a motivated Basket coach

Steven, a motivated Basket coach

Ever since installing Soonder organising training sessions is much easier. I don't have to check contact details as the phone numbers of the players are always up to date.

<span>Lewis, </span>a very busy globe-trotter

Lewis, a very busy globe-trotter

When I change my phone number I no longer have to text all my contacts to warn them. Thanks to Soonder, I simply update my personal card and stay reachable, automatically. That's so cool !

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